Friday, July 9, 2010

Green Dunes

There are dunes, and then there are hills smelling green.

There is pink, and then there is the colour of the sea.

There are palaces, and then there are the ones redefining the shape.

There are people who walk, and then there are people who make them realise the fact.

There is a ‘Safa’, and then there is a culture going beyond.

There is a place to live, and then there is place to live and let live.

There are jewels, and then there is a place where they shine.

There are temperatures that rise, and then there are women who become the reason.

There is a Her Highness, and then there are women who can play one.

There are spices that conquer, and then there is a ‘Sena’ that tries.

There are forts of awe, and then there is a necklace that compares.

There is a John Lennon who is Rajput, and then there is the other way round.

There is a sky without clouds, and then there is a sky if we can see one.

There is majesty, and then there is charm.

There are transitions, and then there are journeys that bring you home.

There is a place where I was, and then there is a place where I am.


  1. AWESOME. The most soulful comparison between the two cities. :) There is the one you have learned to love and then there is the one that you are falling in love with.

  2. Yes Meewa! :D :D, thank you! Both of them are beautiful in their own way. There is so much to see ya! :D

  3. I can understand. To make your home away from home is a task both difficult and immensely enjoyable. Go have a blast. :)

  4. :) Just be careful while you walk and explore the city streets. ;) Hope you're better now.

  5. its beautiful......and such an expression was a big pleasant surprise.....lovely

  6. Chet! Please start writing. What is a blog for?

  7. Yes Meera! I will be..Thank you for your sarcasm included concern!! Haha!

  8. :D You are smarter than I give you credit for. :)

  9. Bro, you've narrated the comparison in an excellent way ......... keep your eyes open & we'll watch out for this space more!!!

    go ahead & explore the world now....

  10. Haha, why is everybody telling me to keep my eyes open? :D

  11. as therez lots more to these cities..... its better to be under exposed than over :-)

  12. I miss the place where I was!!Artistically beautiful.. :)Well done..!

  13. I miss the place where I was too Isha! You will get to see that place real soon! :D And thank you! :D :D