Monday, April 4, 2011

Dream Come Blue

The 22 years have not been so long; it’s the 28 that have.
The history did not repeat itself; it’s the mythology that did.
The hundredth was not to be; it’s the second that was.
The eleven were never enough; it’s the one that was.
The generations are not the same; it’s the calendars that are.
The colour never changed; it’s the blue that did.
The path was never choked; it’s the roads that were.
The shoulders did not matter; it’s the one above them that did.
The cup never counted; it’s the ones who held it that did.
The dreams were never scripted; it’s the one man’s due that was.
The six is not what I will embed; it’s hugging strangers that I will.
The pride is not what we will return; it’s only the world cup that we will.