Friday, March 12, 2010

God.Or is He?

“God, you’ve become an atheist!”, mother bawled out. The expressions on her face seemed linearly related to the number of days I hadn’t paid reverence in the temple since the last month. My guilt-ridden heart impelled my head to start staring at my feet without any intentions of furnishing an explanation for the ‘wrong doing’. I decided to listen to my heart though there was this corner of my mind that was cerebrating the fact that I had done the same in the small little temple in my home and mother was very much aware of the fact. That very moment there were three questions that raised hands in my mind. Can a temple be ‘small’ and ‘little’ or ‘big’ and ‘large’? Is praying in a ‘small and little’ temple any different from praying in a ‘big and large’ one? Does ‘God’ attend to the ‘sinlessness’ of the heart that seeks his blessings or the ‘place’ where the heart comes?

I can be tagged as ‘ignoramus’ when it comes to the scientific knowledge of the existence of god. Thence, touching a section that we have little or no knowledge about and considering a subject as sensitive as this, it would certainly be no less than a ‘sin’ at bird’s eye view. I will try clinging on to the three questions as much as possible. First and foremost, the answers to all the three questions are based on the human psyche in the way I look at it and not the way the mortals look at it. Period.

Can a temple be ‘small’ and ‘little’ or ‘big’ and ‘large’?
For my money, the straight and forward answer to this question is a NO. If we look at it at the very outset without any designs of mystifying the answer, then the simple explanation would be that the size of the temple and even its location for that matter should be of the least interest and of no importance whatsoever to a soul who ‘believes’ in his ‘God’ or the divine power or existence as he considers it to be. With a true heart, the smallest temple can be considered to be the largest in the world. But the thought that makes me sad is that today, temples and their divine power is measured by the amount of offerings that a temple collects in a day in cash or in kind. That is what makes a temple ‘big’ and ‘large’ today which in my view is simply ridiculous.

Is praying in a ‘small and little’ temple any different from praying in a ‘big and large’ one?
Guessing from the above mentioned it is reasonably simple to figure out my answer to this question, NO. Let’s complicate things a bit for this one. Going by the psychological essence of it, it can be any one’s guess that a majority of the section of the society does believe that they feel a lot better when they visit a temple (which is not in their home). This spiritual sensation is very much understandable because the ambience and the environs of a temple are such that you are bound to feel unstrained. This eyeshot has been embedded into almost every being’s mind that for blessings a public or a so called big and large temple has to be the place. The thought that God sits in all his glory in a hallowed ‘looking’ structure and not in a dilapidated and a fractured one in a destitute’s house is just outrageous.

Does ‘God’ attend to the ‘sinlessness’ of the heart that seeks his blessings or the ‘place’ where the heart comes?
Having answered the above two questions, answering this one would be a two line affair. If you respect the Almighty with your purest of thoughts he will bestow upon you his choicest of blessings which will help you transform ‘your’ small and little temple into a big and large one.

I am not against visiting a temple and whatnot. It is very important to pay one’s reverence to God but I just want to urge you to not to demean that divine power by even taking into account the place in which it resides for at the end of the day we all are answerable to him and not this society.